Working Toward A Healthier Me!

Laura. 27. Maryland transplant but originally from Washington State.

SW:317 CW:259.4 UGW:175


i wonder if there is anyone nervous to talk to me.

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Train Life is Glamorous

I’m watching the man across from me dig for gold in his nose and then roll boogs between his fingers. I want to puke.

Just came while shuffling through the Mood booster channel on Spotify. I think it’s a sign.

starry-eyed-suprise-love said: Just bought that polar heart rate monitor watch. How do you like it so far?

I love mine. I feel like it give me a better understanding of how hard I’m working. Those machines can be REALLY far off. Like over 100 calories more than I’ve burned according to my HRM, so it’s really nice to have it.

Anonymous said: I'm new to tumble and just came across your blog. I wanted to say that you are my WL inspiration and I love your makeup and fashion. Keep up the hard work - you can do this!

i’m happy to inspire anyone! Come off anon and let’s be friends!

happylife-healthywife said: This is gonna come off creepy so I apologize in advance haha, I found you on Alicia's tumblr, who I don't know I'm person but so desperately wish I did because she seems like a wonderful lady, BUT I think you're adorable & I just wanted to say way to go on your weightloss, and working out like a maniac and being cute! Keep it up love!

She is pretty frickin’ fabulous! Thank you so much for your kind words. I really needed those today. :)

Vacation is a time to enjoy myself, but not set aside my goals. Gotta get a workout in if I’m going to eat some empanadas! 
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Last night’s workout and this morning’s weigh - in. I am so excited to see this number on the scale because it means I’ve finally stepped over into the -60 area. I know a lot of this week’s weight loss was bloat, but it feels pretty Damn good. Just trying to watch what I put in my mouth and make sure to get up and move more. Working out during lunch at work has been really great. It’s nice to sleep in and also know I don’t have to workout after work if I don’t want to.

Got a good walk/jog in during lunch. Felt really great outside. Low humidity and tempature compared to the last few days. #fitness #cardio #lovingit #selflove #zombiesrun5k
walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill today during lunch. Feeling pretty great about my body right now. It never ceases to amaze me how bodies can change. They really are amazing.