Working Toward A Healthier Me!

Laura. 27. Maryland transplant but originally from Washington State.

SW:317 CW:259.4 UGW:175

Had a really awful day. Decided not to let it get me down too long. Went for a jog and feel a million times better. 2.37 miles in 35 minutes. My times are improving and I’m just chugging along. Phone was near dead so just had to rely on a fitbit before and after. #FITNESS #cardio #health #workout #progress #fitbit

trenchcoatandblueeyes said: How did you do it? I've been trying to loses weight for a month and only lost 10 pounds:(

Ten pounds in a month is nothing to be upset about. It’s great! It’s taken me 2 years to lose 60 pounds and I’m completely proud of that!

2.25 mile walk/jog. I think jogging outside is becoming one my favorite activities. Time to get cleaned up and go to the house this morning.

funfitshannon said: Just saw your before and during photos! You look great!! Keep it up :)

Thank you darling!

periwinklebleu said: Hey I see your workout pictures and I think "ugh, I'm too exhausted". When I work really hard for a few weeks, I don't see much on the scale, then one day of normal to bad eating and I'm back up to where I was. Any motivation/advice?

Oh girl, I’m right there with you. I can’t count the times that I’ve let exhaustion, work, life, and just a plain bad day stop me from working out and eating well. Most times I have to remember how amazing I feel afterward to get me going. The scale isn’t what motivates me anymore. If it did, I wouldn’t be okay with only losing 60 pounds in two years. What motivates me is the energy I have and my overall health level. You have to find your own motivator. But I can tell you, you have to look away from the scale. That’s step one.

activate-minibeast-mode said: Your progress is wonderful, you look so happy and proud, as you should be! Congratulations!

I really am, today. I only say that to be honest. Some days are harder than others.

Anonymous said: You're beautiful. Just wanted you to know.

Why, thank you very much!

7x4 said: Hi there! :) Good work on building a better you! I'm now following you here and on Instagram so I can watch you reaching your goal!! :) I'm working on losing about 35 pounds, and just yesterday, I started running using Couch to 10K, as of right now, I'm pretty sore and I love the feeling! Can we be fitbit friends? (Is that what you have, right?)

Well first of all, thanks for the support! It’s always awesome to know I have people cheering for me. Way to go on the c210k!! I am hoping to run my first 5k this thanksgiving!

And of course we can be fitbit friends!!! This goes out to everyone, add me!

Another quick walk/jog in during lunch. It wasn’t super pretty but it felt great. #fitness #cardio #marvel #loki  #mapmyfitness #workworkout







sometimes i miss summer AND THEN THINGS LIKE THESE POP UP

I…I need it. All of it

I always wondered why I like Autumn, but then I remember Orange is my favourite colour…

My body is ready.

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